5 Celebs Whose Cooking Chops Are On Point

From Malaika Arora to Florence Pugh, all the stars that don the chef’s hat effortlessly.

By Sarah Khalkho
20 September, 2022
5 Celebs Whose Cooking Chops Are On Point

You've seen them in your favourite movies and loved them. Now get ready to discover their secret avatar. When some of our favourite stars are not showing off their acting prowess on-screen or producing blockbuster films, they can be found in the kitchen rustling up drool-worthy meals. Everything from dainty macarons, elaborate Mexican spreads, to the good ol’ misal find a place on their table (and their Instagram feeds). Here’s Cosmo’s list of celebs who are known for cooking up a storm. 
Warning: Get ready for a serious case of hunger pangs. 

Malaika Arora  


Malaika Arora, who’s known for her love for all things fitness, also loves to cook healthy meals for her family and friends. She calls herself a “self-proclaimed foodie and chef” on her Instagram account and we wholeheartedly agree—the beautifully plated meals that she shares on her feed, from chicken biryani to pasta and sandwiches, all look too good to eat. 

Neena Gupta

Photo: Neena Gupta/Instagram


Neena Gupta loves experimenting in the kitchen as much as she does with her roles, and it’s evident in the dishes she whips up—roti pizza, anyone? Gupta also has a penchant for cooking meals that are healthy too, so don’t be surprised if you find reels detailing her kitchen adventures where she makes misal with chickpeas and sprouts, tikki with carrots, peas, beans, and an addictive chivda

Blake Lively


Blake Lively is the star baker on this list, if you’re not convinced, one look at her glittery unicorn cake she made for her daughter will make you think otherwise. Explore her Instagram feed and you’ll also spot a vibrant watermelon cake, complete with red velvet inside and chocolate chips for the seeds, plus, rose-topped macarons. Yum!

Florence Pugh

Photo: Florence Pugh/Instagram stories

When the British actor isn’t juggling multiple projects at once, she can be found in the kitchen cooking up a storm—pasta lovers will love her reels of chilli tomato ravioli and cheesy fettucine. Pugh even collaborated with an American ice-cream brand to create an exclusive ice cream flavour in order to encourage her fans to register to vote. Scroll through her story highlights and you’ll find recipes for dishes like stuffed bell peppers, squash soup, and tzatziki, which is her favourite dip. 

Rhea Kapoor 


Rhea Kapoor is one celebrity on our list who definitely cooks the most! You’ll find her Instagram account chock-a-block with dishes that will leave you drooling. She’s tried it all—from an extensive Mexican night feast complete with birria tacos and spicy margheritas, to her secret recipe for comforting mac and cheese. Kapoor shares all her delicious kitchen creations under the hashtag #rheamade. And the best part, she takes her friends and family along for the ride–her sister Sonam Kapoor regularly pitches in to help.