Billie Eilish is the latest celeb to rock the exposed bra trend


09 February, 2024
Billie Eilish is the latest celeb to rock the exposed bra trend

Perhaps it's the recent Y2K revival (that's going nowhere, btw), maybe it's the desire to be risqué and subversive, or perhaps it's simply the fact that Valentine's Day is just around the corner... We're not quite sure what's behind it, but one thing is for certain: that the exposed bra trend is absolutely everywhere at the moment.

Whether subtly peeking out from beneath a sheer dress, shown as part of a daring red-carpet look, or simply worn as a top in and of itself, the humble bra has been elevated from supportive underwear to star of the show when it comes to celebrity dressing. And this isn't just a trend reserved for the most out-there fashionistas, either – even the usually sartorially conservative likes of Emma Watson, Katie Holmes and Anne Hathaway have rocked the look lately.

And the latest to join their ranks? None other than Billie Eilish, who has swapped her signature oversized dressing style for something a lil more revealing... 


In what looks like a photo-booth pic with friends that Billie shared on her Instagram stories earlier today [9 February 2024], the multi-award-winning singer can be seen wearing a gorge black silk waistcoat-style top that plunges just low enough to show off her lacy black bra beneath. While it's a more subtle take on the exposed bra trend, it's still sexy AF - particularly paired with a chunky diamond-studded chain necklace, and what looks like a wad of cash tucked into her top, too...

Yep, Billie always knows how to put her own twist on a trend – and we love her all the more for it.

Credit: Cosmopolitan