Kim Kardashian is giving noughties side fringe in "college days" throwback

Did you even exist in 2007 if you didn't have this hairstyle... and a Jane Norman bag for your PE kit??

By Jade Biggs
03 October, 2023
Kim Kardashian is giving noughties side fringe in "college days" throwback

Anyone else wake up this morning and open up Instagram only to feel immediately transported back to the noughties? If, like me, you're following Kim Kardashian on the platform, then you'll relate.

This weekend the reality TV icon (turned American Horror Story star) took to Instagram to share a throwback from what she describes as her "fun" college days. In the snaps (captured on an old school disposable cameranot an iPhone), Kim poses alongside two of her oldest friends while sporting an absolute relic from the noughties: a side fringe.

As well as being synonymous with her early days in the public eye (we're talking her Paris Hilton's assistant era) the side fringeand particularly one as sweeping as thisis a real hark back to a time when the height of fashion was carrying your PE kit to school in a plastic Jane Norman bag.

Kim Kardashian

More recently, Kim has undergone several hair switch ups going from bleach blonde to black to buzzcut and back. And it seems the star has been toying with the idea of reviving her iconic side fringe, given that earlier this year she wowed fans with wet-look bangsalbeit only temporarily as said fringe had magically disappeared later that same day.

But why the hair hesitation? With Y2K fashion clearly here to stay, we're more than onboard with side fringes à la 2007 making a return. In fact, I'm booking in with my hairdresser as we speak...

Credit: Cosmopolitan