Manushi Chillar talks about her skincare philosophy and her unwavering confidence

In a conversation with Cosmo India, former Miss World and actor Manushi Chhillar opens up about what keeps her grounded. 

By Meghna Sharma
22 November, 2022
Manushi Chillar talks about her skincare philosophy and her unwavering confidence

A woman who charmed the world with her confidence and elegance, the former Miss World Manushi Chillar is an inspiration to many. She represented Haryana when the contest was on a national level and then went on to represent India on a global platform. Her win got us the crown, after 17 years. A force to reckon with, Chillar opened up about her skincare philosophy, her thoughts on perfection, and what makes her so confident. 

Here are the excerpts...

Cosmo: Are you big on skincare?

Manushi Chhillar: “Growing up, I had a very basic routine, and it has more or less stayed that way. However, I have learned that your skincare needs to change with time, and you should understand your skin in order to create a suitable routine. Growing up in Delhi, we had different products designated for different seasons, and my mother helped me choose the right cleansers and moisturisers. She also ensured that I never left home without applying sunscreen. I followed her advice for years, and, over time, added more products as per my skin’s needs.” 

Cosmo: The beauty industry has changed tremendously over the past few years. Tell us how your definition of beauty has evolved. 

MC: “My idea of beauty has been ever-evolving. But if I were to look back at the past 25 years, the common quality in every individual that I found beautiful was that they were extremely confident about themselves—and that’s what beauty means to me. I have always admired people who are unapologetically themselves.”

Cosmo: What are your thoughts on perfection? 

MC: “The definition of perfection, perhaps, will always be largely about physical someone with a sharper nose, or higher cheekbones. But, to me, perfection is about acceptance. It is about accepting who you are and loving yourself for that. Having said that, beauty is subjective, and everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

Manushi Chhillar

Cosmo: As a former Miss World, what do you think women can do to feel more confident?

MC: “I think confidence comes from self-care. It is important to spend time with yourself to reach a mental space where you are happy and content with who you are. As I said before, everyone should focus on accepting themselves... because that’s what leads to inner confidence.”

Cosmo: You recently joined the Estée Lauder family as the Indian brand ambassador for their iconic Advanced Night Repair range. Tell us what you love about the brand.

MC: “I truly admire the brand’s founder, Mrs Estée Lauder. She changed the way we view skincare, and revolutionalised the industry with the Advanced Night Repair Serum. I have been using Estée Lauder products for a while, so, for me, to be associated with a brand that I truly believe in made a lot of sense. And I love that they support female leaders from across the globe—I think all of that really resonates with who I am as a person, and what I would want to do with my life as well.”


Cosmo: When did you start using the ANR Serum?

MC: “I was introduced to the Advanced Night Repair Serum by a friend, and it has been a part of my beauty routine for the past four-and-a-half years. I began travelling a lot after I was crowned Miss India, and this serum has been my Holy Grail since then.”

Cosmo: And how did it work for your skin?

MC: “ANR gives you an instant shot of hydration, and you’ll wake up to calm skin as it helps tackle inflammation. The long-term benefits, of course, include even-toned complexion, smoother texture, and firmer skin.”

Cosmo: What gives you strength, Manushi?

MC: “I feel very fortunate to have a loving and supportive family—they are my biggest strength. I feel grateful to have come a long way, but I know that I also have a long way to go. I think, being in sync with that thought gives me strength and keeps me grounded.”

Cosmo: What are your hopes for yourself in the coming years?

MC: “I just want to be content in life—it is very important to me. It is not that I am not ambitious anymore, but I just want to get better as an actor, be part of great projects... Many of my childhood dreams have been fulfilled because of the profession I am in, and I certainly want to achieve more milestones in this space.”
“Many of my childhood dreams have been fulfilled because if the profession I am in.”