Shibani Akhtar talks about all things beauty and being a part of world's first-ever ASMR cover shoot

"Super-hydrated skin is the perfect make-up prep." - Shibani Akhtar

By Team Cosmo
16 September, 2023
Shibani Akhtar talks about all things beauty and being a part of world's first-ever ASMR cover shoot

For the world’s first-ever ASMR shoot, Cosmo India quizzed nine creative individuals about the sounds that have a calming effect on them. One of the individuals was Shibani Akhtar, an actor, dog mom, presenter, producer and musician. 

Cosmo India: Shibani, tell us about a beauty trend that needs to die... 

Shibani Akhtar: “Honestly, the heavy, caked make-up look needs to go... People become unrecognisable [laughs]. Super-hydrated skin is the perfect make-up prep.” 

C: And the three make-up products you cannot live without? 

SA: “My Gucci bronzer, Charlotte Tilbury lip liner, and Pat McGrath highlighter.” 

C: What sounds are soothing to you? 

SA: “The sound of the ocean, cooking sounds such as sizzling, searing, and sputtering, and the crackling of wood in the fireplace.” 

C: And what kind of videos are you watching on YouTube these days? 

SA: “I love watching fitness videos, and lately, I’ve been watching a lot of cooking videos as well…even though I don’t cook at all [laughs].” 

C: You’ve been an entertainer all along, and are now exploring the role of a producer. Tell us about your journey... 

SA: “Transitioning from being in front of the camera to creating content is feels like a natural progression. I have come to realise that my true calling lies behind the scenes, as a creative producer. I yearn to develop compelling and thought-provoking content that resonates with audiences on a deeper level. I want to be involved in the entire creative process—from conceptualisation to execution, to make sure that my artistic vision is seamlessly translated on-screen.” 

C: How was your experience shooting for the first-ever ASMR cover? 

SA: “It was really interesting and unique... It gave me a great sense of how rapidly technology is changing, and how we need to move with the times.”

Photographs by Kushal Gandhi