Gabriel Macht Said Some Pretty Interesting Things During a Facebook Live Session With His Indian Fans...

For starters, he loves saag paneer!




Suits star Harvey Specter aka Gabriel Macht had a Facebook Live session with his fans in India and it was amazing!

Gabriel spoke about his love for Indian cuisine and Bollywood plans.

"You guys have to invite me to India. I'd love to come out there," said the Suits actor.

"A friend of mine made a Bollywood film out there. I don't know what film it's called. How about someone invite me to be in a Bollywood film? I would love to do that," he added.

Gabriel also revealed that his go-to Indian dish is Saag Paneer. "I've een eating Indian food since I was six. I love Inidan food. I like eating Saag Paneer."

Well, we can't wait to see you in India, Harvey!