Richa Chadda Talks About Her Crazy Beauty Experiments...

...some of them are really out there!




When it comes to beauty, Richa Chadha says she just can't stick to a routine. "The only thing I do religiously is use a night cream and a moisturiser in the morning." We asked her if she likes any products in particular and she told us that she's picks up a lot of products from different parts of the world. And just like the rest of the world, she's a big fan of Korean beauty. "I'm currently using this Korean wine night cream. I love trying out new products." Talking about her beauty experiments, Richa lets slip that she's had some major #fails too. "I was in Japan a while ago,and I got a sample of this cream, and I realised (after using it) that it was made of snail slime! I went back to the store to get something less eww, and they gave me a cream made of placenta! I was like, 'I'm never going back theres, ever again!"