Sunny Leone Reacts To Ram Gopal Varma's Mean Tweet About Her!

You go girl!




Ever since Sunny Leone appeared on Indian television (courtesy Bigg Boss), she's had to face a lot of flak. And just recently, Ram Gopal Varma, the motor mouth that he is, Tweeted this on International Women's Day.

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/RGVzoomin/status/839294572031164416[/twitter]

While the online community came out to support Sunny on this one, and someone even filed a police complaint against him, Sunny didn't react to his Tweet instantly. However, the actor Tweeted a small video today, and gave the director/producer a piece of her mind, without actually naming anyone!

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/SunnyLeone/status/839892690753966084[/twitter]

A smart move, and we guess Ram received the message, since he Tweeted an apology soon after.