Karan Johar Wrote A Heartwarming Letter To The Doctors Who Delivered His Premature Twins

"My children were born two months premature and worryingly underweight."




A few weeks ago Karan Johar announced the birth of his surrogate twins - Roohi and Yash Johar. Daddy Johar received a lot of love from his friends and well-wishers in Bollywood.

Today, Karan took to Twitter to thank his legal team and the team of doctors. The filmmaker also shared how he is overwhelmed with emotions.

"Even the most anticipated events can sometimes leave us shaken, confused. And events that occur without any warning can turn our worlds on their very heads", said KJo.

"My children were born two months premature and worryingly underweight. Like any person in this situation and on the brink of fatherhood, my heart sank," he added.

The director also said that this experience has ignited his passion to help the premature babies get the best chance they can.

His heart-warming message is def a beacon of hope for many parents who are facing a similar situation.

You can read the entire note here:

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/karanjohar/status/846250149819138049[/twitter]