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Cringe-Pop: The Genre That Has Taken The Internet By Storm

Pass on the crown already, Rebecca Black

There is a new trend that's taking over the Internet and we are tripping on it for no good reason. Cringe-pop has come into the scene pretty recently. What is cringe-pop, BTW? A song that makes you cringe. The music and music videos are described as being "so bad that you cannot stop watching them". We'd give it over to Rebecca Black for giving birth to his genre through her nasal and deadpan voice, and irritatingly catchy song, Friday, which she released back in 2011.

Her "fun, fun, fun, fun, fun" from the hook of the song still haunts us in our dreams sometimes. And remember the way she taught us 'days of the week'?

"Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday

Today it is Friday, Friday

We-we-we so excited, We so excited

We gonna have a ball today

Tomorrow is Saturday

And Sunday comes after... wards

I don't want this weekend to end..."

Her ode to the weekend became the butt of all jokes and the subject of a zillion Internet memes, while Black became the crown holder of the first Cringe-Pop Sensation.

6 years later, came another cringe-queen— Dhinchak Pooja!

Just her name, alone, is enough for us to put her on top of our #YouCantSitWithUs list. Black royally passed on the crown to Pooja, when she released the 'Mother of Cringe Songs'― Selfie Maine Leli Aaj (I have taken the selfie today). The song has a whopping 25+ million views on Youtube.

"Selfie lena hi mera kaam, na interest kisi baat mein

Chal re side hoja re uncle , selfie lun na saath mein"

"Taking selfie is my only work, I'm not interested in anything else

Get a side uncle, I'm not gonna take selfie with you"

If there's a Razzie Award for the worst lyrics ever, give it to this girl, already.

Not only girls, guys too, are not behind the race. Omprakash Rap King, who sung (rather puked) Aunty Ki Ghanti (Aunty's Bell), will give you seizures. Rap King is cashing on the viral success of his song and is currently ruling the social media. In fact, he's the star of a thousand memes and viral videos. The three and a half minute trash was released on his YouTube channel back in 2015, is now celebrating its much-deserved fame.

In fact, a Facebook event, which involved an Aunty Ki Ghanti singing party at Cannaught Place, Delhi―saw a huge turnout. No one thought it was real, but it ended up becoming a successful flashmob.

Not only Rap King and Dhinchak Pooja―Taher Shah (Eye 2 Eye, Angel Eyes), Vennu Mallesh (It's My Life), Jacintha Morris (Suzainne a Sinner), and Bhim Niroula (Sunday morning Love You) are other Indian cringe-pop stars you may not wanna miss, till the time they are successfully getting those odd YouTube views.