"A Lot of People Could Not Handle the Success I Got": Deepika Padukone

Bonus: Her recipe for success included!

In 2007, Deepika Padukone set her foot in Bollywood with her debut in Farah Khan's movie, Om Shanti Om, opposite Shah Rukh Khan. The actor made the most of this opportunity and started making her place for the number 1 spot from day-1. Deepika became nation's sweetheart in no time. She won several awards and accolades for her spectacular performances. She is said to be the highest paid female actor in the country.

In a report by a leading tabloid, Deepika shared how her family reacted to this fame. She said,"Overnight I had wings to fly. My parents are absolutely okay with what I do. Maybe they felt confident about the way that they've brought me up. While some relationships have grown stronger. A lot of people could not handle the success I got. But I wasn't upset."

The stardom came with a price. This young actor could not complete her education. "I haven't gone to college. I just managed to finish 11-12 grade because I was already a successful model. I tried 1 year of my degree and distance education that didn't happen. My parents had an issue because they wanted me to have a degree. So I'm just 12 th passed, " said Deepika.

At the book launch of Hema Malini's biography, Deepika and yesteryear actor discussed the recipe of success. They both agreed that hard work and discipline has to be an integral part of a successful person's life.

"One of my sacrifices was living away from my family. I always fought with negativity and came out a stronger person. I started working at a young age and after my Class 12 exam, I could not continue my formal education." She also said: "In the beginning my parents did not support that. In the sense they wanted me to finish my studies, given the unpredictable nature of the profession, I chose.

"Also there was a certain mentality of a middle-class orthodox family. But later, seeing my dedication, they understood and wholeheartedly supported me. But, in the process, I missed out on a complete formal education, so I am a 12th pass."