Sidharth Malhotra on His Sex Life, His Struggling Days and More in These Recent Interviews

"It's Exciting!"

Very few actors are able to carve their own space in Bollywood when they debut in a multi-starrer film in the likes of Student of The Year, that too if every lead is just getting launched. But all three actors that starred in the film's lead cast—Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, and Sidharth Malhotra have soared new heights in their acting career.

While Alia and Varun belong to a family from a film background, Sidharth Malhotra made it here from scratch, and definitely made it big!

In an interview with DNA, he opened up about his experiences while auditioning for acting roles in ads and TV soaps, and how he ended up feeling much less than his actual worth.

When he was asked about his struggles before he landed SOTY, he said,

"That time, to survive, I had to give a lot of TV auditions. And it isn't the most heartening sign when you have 150 people, all dressed up similarly, standing in a line for auditions. Then someone would come and ask me to say something random like, 'Say your name' in a weird way. It was like a bloody jail where you have to say your name, number and act out something.

Because half of us were clueless, we never got those jobs. People used to ask me to do some stupid, imaginary car-driving, or enact some lines or talk in some weird accent."

He further added the worst part about giving auditions when you're a nobody, "At auditions, they make you feel terribly small and unimportant. It makes you feel that there are hundreds of others like you. That's why I digressed and became an assistant director. It was a very negative environment. It didn't help me grow and kept me in the same loop."

A lot of actors have openly come upfront about experiencing the casting couch, especially in the West. On that note, Sidharth said, "No, never! It wasn't casting couch. It was just people treating aspiring actors badly, which was upsetting. Most people were not civil, and were unnecessarily rude. Also, I had an immense sense of self respect even then, which people mistook for arrogance. I always knew I'm beyond this bull sh**. I would turn around and say, "Talk decently." I would speak in proper English and most times, they didn't like that."

Also, did you know that his first film as an AD wasn't actually My Name is Khan, but he even worked a bit on Dostana. And his first ad film was for Pond's where he shot with Sonal Chauhan in Bangkok!

His latest film opposite Sonakshi Sinha and Akshaye Khanna titled Ittefaq is all set for release today, and ahead of the release Karan Johar hosted a chat show with the film's cast.

KJo asked Sid about his sex life to which he replied,"It's… Exciting!" Further, he added, "Exciting, thrilling and intriguing – all in the same line."

Karan's reply to that was effortlessly promoting the film, "Ittefaq is just like Sidharth's sex life – Exciting, thrilling and intriguing!"

Watch the full video here —

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