Irrfan Khan's New Video With AIB is the PERFECT Social Satire





AIB 's gone and done it again (sold out to Bollywood? No, we're not ripping on 'em like Kanan Gill and Biswa ). They've made a brilliant video with a brilliant actor that'll make the Yo Yo Honey Singh s of the industry (and every other music producer cashing in on the soulless trend) put their tail between their legs in shame.

Indeed, it is the Party Song Breakdown.

In an age of 'Angreji Beat ' and 'High Heels ' haunting the likes of every and any speaker near you, we see the formula broken down and critiqued for it's repetitious lyrics, flagrant misogyny and standard 'establishing of cool' shots without breaking into a judgmental rant of what the generation is coming to.

The video (done in the style of Party All Night by Yo Yo Honey Singh ) starts with Irrfan playing the part of arrogance-stuffed actor to pure perfection, replete with an *sshole agent taking a variety of calls from 'Christie' (Christopher Nolan) and Scorsese, rejecting their offers for promised dates to Mahesh Bhatt. We see the parody of the AIB boys pandering to his inflated ego with effortless skill, and convincing him to do a party song; the one thing Irrfan, for all his accolades, has never done.

Irrfan's 'pfft-pfft!'s and says, 'what's the big deal about a party song?', and there opens the video, with the aforementioned 'hello, swagger' shots.

Amidst ridiculing the overtly 'party-time sloshed' camera angles, there comes a moment when they take off on how an esteemed female actor is thrown into the shot for the hell of it, wriggling around in a cheap step for 'extra-oomph'. (Is that a glimpse of Shraddha Kapoor or is our party-song-boiled mind playing tricks on us?)

The song also makes fun of standard 'good-timez' devices used; a flaming bar-top, shots of golden liquor splashing into crystal tumblers, spinning top-shots of all the party-people in the house, etc.

There's a brilliant ridiculing of the unnecessary amount of women-bathing shots, women-emerging-from-pool shots, women-having-random-bikini-fight shots and unabashedly overt boobshots as well.

It ends on a note of 'And this song will be played to death. At weddings. Graduations. Funerals. You cannot escape it, for it WILL be your ringtone.'

Watch the video here...

It's all our love to the hilarious crew of this video. Keep 'em coming like those tequila shots!