Say Whut? Sarah Jessica Parker Never Wanted To Be in Sex And The City

HBO had to BEG her to play Carrie.




Can you imagine Sex and the City sans SJP? We can't. It's unnatural. And weird.

But Sarah Jessica Parker almost didn't take the iconic role of Carrie Bradshaw that ultimately led her to superstardom/legend status. In fact, she actively tried to get out of it, according to a new interview.

Actor Seth Rudetsky talked to SJP for his Playbill column and apparently, Sarah was unsure about filming the pilot because she didn't want to be tied down to a TV series. But she liked the script, filmed the pilot, and promptly forgot it existed until the show got picked up by HBO.

According to Rudetsky:

"Months later she found out the show was picked up and she completely wanted to get out of it. I mean, completely. She really didn't want to be tied down to one job because she loved going from gig to gig and being, what she called, a "journeyman." She tried various ways to get out of it including telling HBO that she would film three projects for free if they'd release her from her contract!"

Minds = blown.

Speaking for our whole generation, we're super glad Sarah took on the role!

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