Ranveer Singh Is Officially The Sweetest Boyfriend EVER

...and maybe the cutest? Hey...we threw in a maybe.




The super-gorg Deepika Padukone's been hard at work and definitely deserves (a huge round of applause?) some TLC. And that's exactly what her main man Ranveer Singh is out to give her. Apart from (being adorable) going down on one knee to present her with the 'Woman of The Year' award, he's also been making sure he's at the airport to receive her.

The actor was waiting for Deepika's arrival at Mumbai's International Airport (at 1 am), and with a bouquet of flowers to boot! Reportedly, the actor arrived three hours later at 4 am, only to be greeted by bae with those pretty flowers. We're not surprised at that 1000-watt smile. Ranveer seems to be #nailing the whole boyfriend thing. For Deepika on the other hand, an adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars and a super sweet guy? #LifeGoals.

Picture courtesy mid-day.com.

By Rijuta Agarwal

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