Cosmo X TREsemmé : Jacqueline Fernandez Pays Tribute to the Fierce Women of Today

2018, really, is year of the woman and Cosmo, in association with TRESemmé, brings to you Jacqueline Fernandez's tribute to the phenomenal women who inspire her.

2018, really, is year of the woman and how! Women have been taking the world by storm since forever but, it was high time we all united to fight for equality. Prestigious award ceremonies are seen as a gala of fashion and trends where talent takes center stage, and the craft of filmmaking is celebrated. But, this year some great changes were embraced that need to be talked about. In the midst of the red carpet, the flashes and shutter sounds, some remarkable women chose to voice their opinion against any inequality on global platforms. The passionate display of #GirlPower in the truest sense united women across the globe and gave them the strength to fight for their rights.

With nominations being fair to all genders, races and colour, there’s no better time than now to celebrate the famous women who’ve fought for us to see this delightful day.

Cosmo, in association with TRESemmé, brings you a video featuring Jacqueline Fernandez​ paying tribute to these phenomenal women. Every bold stroke on the canvas made by Jacqueline signifies the major steps taken towards achieving equality. The actor has shown her respect ​and support for these fine ladies who are ensuring this year won't be ordinary but, 'the year of the woman'. ​

Be it Oprah’s contribution in upliftment of women or Nicole Kidman’s efforts to raise awareness about violence or Meryl Streep’s plea to end female poverty worldwide, this video embraces the bold moves of these women who’ve come together to shape the world and make it fair for generations to come.