Here's Everything You Need to Know About Janhvi Kapoor's Rumoured Boyfriend

He congratulated her for her debut film in the most adorable way possible!

Janhvi Kapoor sure is trending RN, with her debut film hitting theatres last week. 

Jhanvi Kapoor

Sridevi's elder daughter caught people's attention right from the start, and her recent performance in Dhadak opposite Ishaan Khattar (Shahid Kapoor's bro) has also become a hot topic. The film's success at the box office has been a cause for celebration for her friends and family, and there was one person who celebrated it with quite a bit of enthusiasm. 

Check out this picture Janhvi shared on her Instagram story.


For those of you who are wondering, the person in this picture is Janhvi Kapoor’s rumoured boyfriend, and childhood friend, Akshat Rajan. As you can see in her post, he got Janhvi a bouquet of the shape ‘D’, symbolising Dhadak, to congratulate her on the film’s success.

Janhvi shared this adorable photo and captioned it, “Subtlety is not his thing.” 

Wait, what? We had last heard some rumours about Janhvi dating her co-star Ishaan Khattar, but from the looks of it, the two of them are just good friends. 

So, what do we know about Akshat Rajan?

For one, he's 22 years old and the scion of one of Mumbai's leading industrialist families, construction giants Gammon India. His folks are pretty well connected and are known to be friends of the Bachchans, as well. (Talk about being Mumbai's elite!) 

akshat rajan

He and Janhvi are childhood friends as their families have known each other well, and he was first spotted by her side at the Dear Zindagi premiere in 2016.

akshat and Janhvi

The two of them have been seen together on numerous other occasions, though there has been no official statement made by Janhvi or Akshat regarding their relationship.


Then, there was this post Akshat put up for Jahnvi's birthday.


Jhanvi responded to his post with the comment "Ily". Isn't that too cute for words?

From what we hear, Akshat seems like a pretty cool guy. He did his schooling in Mumbai at the renowned Jamnabai Narsee School, followed by Ecole Mondiale World School, which is Mumbai’s first international school.

Going by his bio, he seems to have always been at the forefront of things, what with being the student body president of his college, along with being the world's youngest TEDX organiser at age 13. (We suddenly have this odd existential feeling, what about you?) 

Akshat Rajan

He graduated with a degree in International Relations and Film & Media Studies from Tufts University in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA.

akshat rajan

Add to that, the fact that the youngster loves to read, travel, and try his hand at various adventure sports. (Who wouldn't want to know him?) 

akshat rajanakshat

He was also said to be a big support to Janhvi during her mother's untimely death and has been seen around her ever since then.

Seems to be a  stand up guy, don't you think? Whatever the nature of their relationship, Akshat and Janhvi are definitely close. We plan on keeping an eye and ear out to see how things progress with these two, and will be sure to keep you updated.