Did Ranbir Kapoor Leave Alia Bhatt a Secret Instagram Message?

It seems like he could have asked Alia how much she misses him during her AMA session.

It may be the start of the week, but nothing takes away our Monday blues like the news of a real life Bollywood romance. Amongst all the link-ups and relationships currently making B-town's 'It' list, everyone seems to have their eye on Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor. 

alia ranbir

Alia and Ranbir seem to have fallen in love while they were shooting for Ayan Mukerji's Brahmastra in Bulgaria last year, when Ranbir allegedly asked Alia out during New Year's Eve. Later, in June, Ranbir Kapoor told GQ magazine that he and Alia are in a relationship and it's new.

Though the couple is quite discreet about their relationship, we do get to spot them being cute with each other one social media once in a while, like this post on Alia's Instagram.


ICYMI Alia has given Ranbir a photo credit by calling him 'amaze photographer RK'. Isn't that sweet?

To celebrate reaching 23 million Instagram followers, Alia's did an 'ask me anything' session (also known as AMA) with her friends and fans. Amongst all the fun messages she got, we found THIS. 


She received am a message which read, "Aapne hume kitna miss kiya?" (How much did you miss me?) to which Alia replied, "Bahot miss kiya aapko. Aap jaldi ghar aa jao" (Missed you a lot. Come home soon.)

So, why do we think this could be Ranbir?

Well, for starters, Alia and Ranbir had gone to back to Bulgaria in July and resumed the shoot of Brahmastra. While Alia returned to the city last week, Ranbir is still there. Ranbir is also known to have a secret Instagram account, which he could have easily used to send this message. 

alia ranbir

That message does sound quite intimate and personal, and it definitely seems to have 'relationship' written all it. What do you think? Could Ranbir Kapoor have sent that secret message? 

Let's hope we find out soon!