THIS Is How Much It Cost to Host the #DeepVeer Wedding at Lake Como

Just in case you are wondering what the price tag of a fairytale wedding might be...

And it's done! Deepika Padukone is officially twice married to Ranveer Singh, and as the very few pictures are released onto social media, we cannot help but swoon at the dreamlike feel of the entire wedding.


Isn't it just too perfect for words? Looking at the pictures we just could not help but wonder how much it would cost to host the fairytale wedding of the year. Perhaps we could dream of doing the same? Well, hold on to your chequebooks folks, cuz we did some digging and the costs seem to be anything but ordinary.


For starters, a room at Villa Del Balbianello costs €400 a night, i.e. ₹33, 000. Deepika and Ranveer have booked 75 rooms, which means they are spending ₹24,75,000 per day! Also, their family members will be staying there till the 17th of November, which makes the total cost around ₹1,73,25,000. Errmmm.... now that's something!


Apart from this, the cost of chairs at the ceremony at the Loggia is €10 per chair. There are only select photographers, caters and housekeeping staff allowed inside the villa, all at extra cost. And, we have not even started on the decor and event management (Vandana Mohan of the Event Design Company), clothing, gifts and transportation. The couple is rumoured to have had an actual Gurudwara built on the property, so we can only imagine how it all added up.

Looks like fairytale weddings have a not so dream like price tag, doesn't it? Well, I guess that's why they are #deepveer, Bollywood's no.1 power couple, isn't it?