Kylie Jenner Just Posted a Whole Instagram Video Dedicated to Her Butt


  • Last night Kylie Jenner posted an Instagram video that heavily featured her butt.
  • It was also set to music (lol).

Kylie Jenner, billionaire, knows how to use her Insta. And while, yeah, there have been a few photoshop mishaps, she's generally an expert when it comes to posting. I mean, the woman has 138 million followers and her Instagram is the main way that she advertises Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin, which have obviously been very successful enterprises.

So we can only assume that Kylie knew what she was doing last night when she gave a new meaning to the term 'thirst trap' by posting a video of her backside in a minidress, filmed as she's walking away from the camera—and girl has got curves. For those of you wondering, Kylie has denied that she's had plastic surgery on her body, saying on her app back in 2016:


For those of you who were able to take your eyes off of her butt, you may have noticed that Kylie is wearing a v cute blue mini dress, which is actually currently on sale if you have any interested in filming your own Kylie-inspired Insta feat. your bum: