Uh Oh, Kim Kardashian Is Under Fire for Allegedly Ripping Off Sunglasses by Emilio Pucci

Kim's business ventures are suuuure having a tough time lately.

  • In collaboration with German designer Carolina Lemke, Kim Kardashian has released two capsule collections of sunglasses.
  • One of her designs, according to Diet Prada, looks a whole lot like an Emilio Pucci design...

On this episode of "What Kim Kardashian Is In Trouble For Today," we have a pair of sunglasses that comes from Kim's second capsule collection in collaboration with designer Carolina Lemke. This time around, designer knockoff police Diet Prada was quick to highlight that a pair of sunglasses from Kim's collection looks suspiciously like a pair of Emilio Pucci sunglasses that she wore literally last year in August. Which...yikes!

The Instagram account posted three side-by-side photos to validate their claim: a photo of the original Emilio Pucci shades, a photo of Kim wearing the original Pucci shades, and a photo of her "new" design. Now "knockoff" is a very strong word, but these shades do look similar, especially the color and frame shape.

Diet Prada pointed out that it's hypocritical if Kim were to knock off a designer, considering she filed and won a $2.7 million lawsuit this month against women's fast-fashion brand Missguided for knocking off clothing she and her sisters wore. "Hey @kimkardashian, so it’s def not cool to use someone else’s name and likeness when promoting knockoffs, as evidenced by your win against @missguided, but should it be ok to use your OWN name and likeness to promote them? Lol," Diet Prada wrote. "Funny how those SS17 @emiliopucci shades you wore in August 2018 ended up in your eyewear collab with @carolinalemkeberlin that launched in April this year. Hypocrisy at its finest!"


Further adding to the drama is the fact that Laudomia Pucci, Emilio Pucci's daughter and deputy chairman of the brand, made a subtle comment underneath Diet Prada's post— a blue heart, presumably to represent love and loyalty to Diet Prada and its claim.

Diet Prada's accusation comes just after Kim received widespread backlash over the former name of her shapewear line earlier this month. Originally called Kimono, Kim was urged to change the name after the internet called her out for cultural appropriation. Her line of solutionwear, as she calls it, still remains nameless. And last month, people came for Kim over her body foundation, eeek.

Here's to hoping that Kim's fashion adventures see a bit more luck and a bit less controversy in the future.