11 Things All Shah Rukh Khan Fans are SICK of Hearing

Especially "Salman Khan is a better star than SRK"




​Being a Shah Rukh Khan fan nowadays isn't as easy as it was. We're constantly berated for our life choices and often have our taste questioned.

But as Taylor Swift puts it, in a very deep and philosophical phrase, haters gonna hate, hate, hate, and you're just going to have to shake it off. (Seriously, #TayTayFor Life)

BUT. Here are the 11 things we CONSTANTLY hear, and are totally sick of:

1) "He's so old". There is no possible reply to this one that doesn't make me sound like a 12 year old, so I would let this one go, but just add : SO IS YOUR MOM! OK, I've got it out of my system. Your mom is a perfectly fine woman, I'm sure.

2) "Salman Khan is a better star than SRK". Thank you, CEO of Bollywood Star Value Analytics. It's like saying KitKat is a better chocolate than Twix, they are two different chocolates. You can't compare them.

3) "But, Dilwale/ Chennai Express/ Happy New Year (etc.) are such trash movies!" I agree, but how do you move around in public with the gun at your head? Because that is the only reason why someone would force themselves to see something they don't like, right? Pfft.

4) "Ugh, SRK and Kajol are so overrated." BLASPHEMY. Also, THIS is what happenes when you say you're not a fan of SRK and Kajol in India. For real.

5) "His movies are so mainstream." Please go stand in a corner and think about your life choices. Once again, if these 'mainstream' movies are hurting your hipster intellect, then DON'T. WATCH. THEM.

6) "He's so arrogant." Umm, I think you mispronounced 'Witty' and 'Funny'.

7) "He doesn't care about the country." Of course, you've put up a status about how much you love India, or probably tweeted something insanely clever about how these Bollywood stars are what's wrong with India, then you're absolutely an authority on what it takes to be patriotic.

8) "He's so short." Best things come in small packages *wink*.

9) "He's so old and he still does movies with actresses half his age!" It's because of the movie audience only, who can't swallow a woman past 25 years of age on screen as the heroine, that Bollywood (or actually any entertainment industry for that matter) feels no qualms in casting actors with such age difference between them. It's not just SRK, it's ALL of us.

10) "Why does he have to cry in every movie?" Because his heart hurts at the stupidity of this question.

11) "He's such a sell out." So he sells everything under the earth, from toothpaste to cars, and acts in movies that are terribly mainstream. This is a problem, how?

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