7 Fun Facts Only Cosmo Knows About Kangana Ranaut

...like she might be writing a book!

​#1. She's big on spontaneity

"I've learnt that it's alright to work and achieve your ambitions, but one must leave a little room for spontaneity and just do things that are bit random. Pamper yourself! Just live your life without any explanations or without carrying the burden of you having to explain things to others."

#2. She's not too big on the marriage thing

​" I think I've been very bitter about marriages. It's not the marriage part that bothers me, but how women are treated in this whole process, especially in certain parts of India. I know that not everyone is asking for dowry and beating their wives, but it happens. Love is a different matter. I don't think that love is overrated. But I am someone who doesn't believe in just loving that one person you have a physical relationship with.​"

#3. She wouldn't mind penning a novel at some point

​"I'd like to write a book someday. Fashion could be interesting, but I think I'll be bored of it in like 10 days. I like giving words to expressions. I like to play around with words. I like how re-constructing and setting up words differently changes their perspective and meaning altogether​."

#4. She thinks of herself as a 'bad' girl

​"The funniest/most ridiculous rumour I've heard about myself is that I'm a nice girl." 

#5. She prefers non-fiction to fiction

"​I like books that are written by real people and are about real experiences than just made up fiction. ​I highly recommend Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi's  The Story Of My Experiments With Truth!"

#6. Her mum is her greatest role model for love

​"My mum is just someone who has been very inspirational. She hasn't really verbally told me about love. Their generation isn't so vocal about their feelings. But it's so nice to see how dedicated she is to her husband and her family. I think how I feel about love and how I feel about people has got a lot to do with how I've seen my mum with people. I think I've benefitted a lot from that spirit where you think about others' comfort as well."

#7. Her first crush was on an English footballer

"David Beckham, to be exact." 

(As told to Cosmopolitan magazine)