Team Cosmo On Which Celebrity's Closet They'd Raid

Oh, a dream wardrobe will look like…




The Cosmo team is a fashion crazy bunch! We quizzed them on which celebrity's closet they'd gladly steal from and here's what the team had to say​...

Aishwarya Dravid, Features Editor: "Alexa Chung. Oh. My God!"

Sanjana Ghai, Fashion Stylist: "Taylor Swift—her's is the perfect mix of elegant and fun."

Meghna Sharma, Features Editor: "Sonam Kapoor. She has the coolest designer stuff!"

Amandeep Kaur, Fashion Editor: "Deepika Padukone, It's chic without being OTT."

Zunaili Malik, Fashion Stylist: "Rihanna. She's too cool for school!"

Vidhi Mirpuri, Senior Designer: "Kareena Kapoor. #BegumStyle"