This Video of a Kid Crying at a Colplay Concert Will Totally Melt Your Heart!

Ten points if you guess which song set him off...

Yeah, yeah, we've all been a little bit mad at Coldplay after the whole Hymn For The Weekend debacle. But, when this video started doing the rounds on social media (it's literally, everywhere) we remembered why we're all Coldplay loyalists in the first place.

On April 16, Coldplay performed in Mexico City at the Foro Sol stadium. And since they were in his city, Luis Vazquez, another fan, had to take his son to the concert. Not only is Coldplay the little boy's favourite band, but he also has autism.

And lucky for us, Luis decided to film their whole experience. Because this is probably one of the most heart-warming things we've seen in a while.

Check it out:

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4tcMTEABsk[/youtube]

So when Luis posted this video on YouTube with the message "Something my wife and I decided to share with the whole wide world.You have to watch it! It says it all! You guys #coldplay please need to see this!"​ who would've thunk that Coldplay would actually check it out.

Except they did! And they retweeted his video as well.

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/coldplay/status/723652553913724928[/twitter]

Time to go binge-listen to all their albums. And okay, I forgive you for Hymn For The Weekend.