8 Times Ranveer Singh Style Was OTT, But Oh-So-Fabulous!

The man clearly loves his prints...




When it comes to Ranveer Singh's sartorial style, it isn't just the antithesis of run-of-the-mill, the man's got loads of confidence to pull off things that even models would shudder to wear on the ramp. But then again, it's Ranveer we are talking about!

Here, we have compiled eight of his most quirky looks...watch and swoon, baby!

1) Ranveer started small (we mean with the prints) and when he saw it's socially (and fashionably) acceptable for a man to wear florals, there was not stopping him...  

2) That jacket isn't easy to pull off. Full marks to Ranveer for styling it the way he did!

3) Okay, we know that this look may not be everyone's cup of tea, but come on, we gotta give him marks to be wearing this...in PUBLIC! 

4) Summer cool and so on fleek...and Ranveer's totally rocking the fedora! 

5) Another day, another printed jacket...

6) ...didn't we tell ya, he lurves his prints!

7) It takes balls for a man for a man to wear an actual skirt! Ranveer, you're the coolest!

8) Crazy and killing it...