Sushmita Sen is Holidaying Like a Boss in Thailand, With a Tiger...

...and her daughters!

​By now we have learnt to embrace celeb holiday pictures and not break into a fit of jealous rage (why isn't our life as fab?!). So, here it is... Sushmita Sen is currently in Thailand having a ball with her two daughters, and when we saw her pictures, all we could say was 'awwww'!

These pictures will not only give you #vacaygoals but will also give you #fitnessgoals. Yes, the amazing woman that Sushmita is, she's managed to squeeze it all in one holiday.

Check out all the adorable pictures from her current escapades below:  

[instagram ]https://instagram.com/p/BH4ecRrjeU1/?taken-by=sushmitasen47[/instagram]

[instagram ]https://instagram.com/p/BH4f-2DDw4n/?taken-by=sushmitasen47[/instagram]

[instagram ]https://instagram.com/p/BH4hgIfDuIt/?taken-by=sushmitasen47[/instagram]

[instagram ]https://instagram.com/p/BH4pr5kDPDF/?taken-by=sushmitasen47[/instagram]

[instagram ]https://instagram.com/p/BH4rwV6jyni/?taken-by=sushmitasen47[/instagram]

[instagram ]https://instagram.com/p/BH4svFxDYCO/?taken-by=sushmitasen47[/instagram]

[instagram ]https://instagram.com/p/BH7-7AUD0H5/?taken-by=sushmitasen47[/instagram]

[instagram ]https://instagram.com/p/BH8KOvPjr0g/?taken-by=sushmitasen47[/instagram]