"Inside My Jewellery Box"

Curators of cool, these women let us in on their enviable treasures.

Nitya Arora Jewellery Designer, Valliyan

Cosmo: Tell us about your jewellery collection.

Nitya Arora: “For me, accessories make the outfit. Everything I own is linked to memories—a piece from every Valliyan collection finds a special place in my closet! I tend to gravitate towards unusual creations, like Safe Submarine from SS15, a necklace that grows horizontally rather than vertically.”

C: What’s your most prized possession?

N: “A diamond and ruby pendant (a family heirloom!) gifted to me by my boyfriend."

C: Your current obsession?

N: “I’m all about geometry—big, sculptural pieces in earthy tones or with iridescent accents that could easily morph into decor items such as wall art or door handles.”

C: Styling tip?

N: “When in doubt, wear a statement necklace.”

Aparna Badlani Store Owner, Atosa

Cosmo: What’s on your jewellery map?

Aparna Badlani: “I tend to oscillate between vintage and contemporary. Some of my best pieces are from Croatia, Brazil, Africa, Turkey, Greece, and closer home, Spiti Valley, Rajasthan, and Gujarat. Want to know a secret? I stumbled upon some great finds at the Ipanema market in Brazil. In Bombay, you’ll find me at Colaba Causeway every now and then.”

C: Tell us about your most prized possession.

A: “My mother’s wedding jewellery, a gold jadau set, encrusted with pearls. Whenever I wear it, I am showered with compliments. The best part: it pairs just as easily with jumpsuits and dresses.”

C: What is the best way to build a collection?

A: “Sure, it’s a stunning piece, but ask yourself, ‘Is it in sync with my personal style?’

C: What’s your bijoux SOS?

A: “A long string of pearls, of course! I’ve got them in four colours, and they go with literally everything I own.”

Sreesha Shetty Jewellery Designer, Lune

Cosmo: Describe your personal style.

Sreesha Shetty: “Minimal. Obviously, I’m a rebel at heart. There was so much bling around me when I was growing up that I insisted on picking up the daintiest, most delicate pieces— think more nomadic, less bohemian. This is something that reflects in my work as well.”

C: What is the best way to build a collection?

S: “Start simple and slowly progress to heavier, statement-y jewellery. Easy-to-wear pieces will be your best friends on a rainy (or even work) day. And they’re so easy to layer, which, as you know, is a big trend! I don’t shy away from piling on seven at a time!”

Shruti Bheda Founder/Creative Director, Blur

Cosmo: Tell us about your relationship with jewellery.

Shruti Bheda: “I’ve always loved collecting baubles from different parts of the world, deconstructing them and making them my own. This eventually led to my brand, Blur—an intense love affair that is now in its fourth year.”

C: What are the best places to buy jewellery in the country?

S: “You’ll only get big labels in big cities. I love the hills— Himachal lets you indulge in a lot of Tibetan jewellery. For an eclectic mix, from literally every part of India, make a trip to Goa!”

C: What’s the one kind of jewellery you’re dying to work with?

S: “Wouldn’t it be fun to construct pieces using toys?”