Pharrell Williams' Latest Adidas Originals Collection 'Now Is Her Time' Is a Rainbow of Femme Power 

From activists to artists, women join forces to champion causes rooted in gender, sexuality, sexual rights, race, and equality - in style, of course!  

Musician and fashion icon Pharrell Williams is no stranger to bold style moves. But, his latest collection with Adidas Originals that hit stores on Friday, takes it a notch higher.

Featuring women activists and artist, the collection is war-cry to women across the globe that now it really their time. The concept note for the creations really do say it all:

Now is her time to be powerful. Now is her time to run the world. Now is her time to teach us all.

Now is her time to equalize the playing field. Now is her time to stand up for her right to choose. Now is her time.

The positivity also seems to radiate from the 24 designs in the collection that seems to have catered to everyone's style with a colour palette ranging from earthy to pop hues. 

However, the brand's Indian outlets will retail only the NMD’s from the collection priced at Rs 21,999. 

India will retail only the below NMD’s from the collection priced at Rs 21,999.

Williams joined forces with photographer Collier Schorr for the capsule collection to share “the point of view of females from different backgrounds and the allies who support them.” The campaign features women from all walks of life including co-founder of Black Lives Matter Patrisse Cullors, filmmaker and human rights activist Sana Azim and model and co-founder of Style Saves Isabela Rangel Grutman and surfer Keala Naihe.

Now is her time