How to Wear Minimalistic Glam From Head-to-Toe

Want to get the easy-breezy effortless look without ever feeling undressed? Here are five ways in which you can achieve the perfect #lessisthenewmore vibe.  


Want to get the easy-breezy effortless look without ever feeling undressed? Well, we've got in store for you, five ways in which you can look achieve the perfect #lessisthenewmore this look! You can now say bye to endless hours put into achieving the perfect eyeliner wing or the numerous texts to your besties saying, "This my outfit, what do you think?" Save yourself the time and effort as we teach you how to keep it minimalistic, lowkey and always glamorous!


Hailey Baldwin Bieber 

1. Invisible Purse: Carrying a transparent clutch will not only make you look well put- together but also uber-chic!

2. Platform Walk: Avoid the pain of wearing a six-inch heel by slipping into a pair of platforms. Consider gold, silver, or rose-gold, depending on the outfit and your mood. 

3. Popping Hoops: While you might want to highlight the dress by using subtle accessories, a somewhat prominent pair of earrings in a complementing shade can add to the glam.

4. Skin Talk: It’s not easy to pull off a shimmery dress without looking #Basic, but one way of looking exceptional is showing the right amount of skin. When in a long dress, like Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s, show off your cleave with a deep neck supported by strappy sleeves and a little leg with a neat slit. 

5. The Dream Fit: When you know you have a long night ahead, comfort is everything. If you look closer at Hailey’s gown, it hugs her upper-body and flares out slightly at the bottom—talk about leg space!