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7 Homegrown Streetwear Brands You Need to Know About If You Love Streetwear

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Over the past few seasons, streetwear has gone through a major transformation. In India, streetwear has become the post pandemic fashion given that it's comfortable, versatile and chic. And since we spent so much time at home, we inadvertently integrated comfortable sporty pieces into our everyday wardrobe. However, it's no longer the basic grey hoodie that we want, if market trends are anything to go by, then it's the eye-catching patterns and colours that are having a current moment. 

If you plan to add to your streetwear wardrobe, here are a few Indian brands that you should consider. But consider yourself warned: Once you start with the below brands, you won’t be able to settle on just one.


Disobeying gender roles while being environmentally conscious, Bloni’s creations are fluid, trans-seasonal, and conform to the undying love of black and white. Founder and designer Akshat Bansal includes both formal and informal pieces that do more than just looking good. 



Jaywalking has been on our radar for a while now, worn by Ranveer Singh multiple times. The fashion house covers gender-fluid, men's and women's ready-to-wear and custom made clothing. Jaywalking's aesthetic is deconstruction, experimentation and the juxtaposition of Jay Jajal's memories and attitude. The founder pays crucial emphasis on the visuals of things. The aesthetics of the designs are inspired by his own paintings.  

 “Jaywalking is dangerous. It is for the people who aren’t scared to cross the line and prove a point. It is for the people who believe in art and culture.' - Jay Jajal

Diljit Dosanjh spotted in their custom fit. Jaywalking showed their collection for the first time in Lakme Fashion week 2019. 



SIX5SIX STREET is the true amalgamation of culture with everyday life, all spun on a bunch of needles and cones, on a planet rotating at x units/ hour in a solar system that never stopped expanding and a galaxy that we don’t even know the size of.




NoughtOne can be defined as a 3D or conceptual representation of an engineer's knowledge base and individualistic personal style. Founded in 2013 with a vision to introduce a new aesthetic in the Indian menswear market. NoughtOne is on a constant path of innovation through a fusion between Indian textiles and technology, traditional designs and utilitarian aesthetic, keeping in mind the environmental changes and a vision to attain absolute sustainability.



The aesthetics of the label are bold and conversational but functional and relaxed at the same time. Immense attention is given to how a garment is finished, following global standards for quality construction. The designer's inspiration lies in people and their emotions, she wants to challenge the Indian society’s perceptions of nudity, the “line” between sexy and vulgar and gender roles  that may not always be polite by society’s standards.



Enter a dystopian era of fashion with Biskit, a unisex concept label exploring the intersection of art and design. It was founded in 2017, Brooklyn, New York.

Biskit at Lakme Fashion Week 2019 (below)




Artists are turning clothes into canvasses, producing bespoke, wearable art. You can wear customisable art with Toffle. The Delhi based non-traditional Street Wear label is one that is rooted in analyzing and communicating the observations, mistakes and lessons through life in the form of wearables. By referring to themselves as non-traditional, the label talks about their raw approach towards their projects that are not bound by genres. Fiddling with dystopian genres, reconstructed wear, bespoke collaborations and custom one-off pieces, the lack of a set brand identity is an exploration of their learning process.