AM:PM to Make their LFW Debut!

We get behind-the-scenes with the designers Ankur and Priyanka Modi to find out about the whimsical, Islamic-architecture inspired collection. Spoiler alert: It's all black and white.




In a sentence, how would you describe the AM:PM's woman?

A woman of substance who establishes her presence effortlessly and discreetly.

What do you have in store for her this season? Tell us about the styles and silhouettes.

Siyah is a repertoire of Mughal romance - think luxurious fabrics such as silk, organza, and satin. The silhouettes are very fluid - long, draped tunics, anarkali jackets, layered skirts and nazakat dhotis - all in black and white. Mukaish, a heritage embroidery technique, accents the collection.

Sīyāh sounds almost mystical. What inspired the name and the collection in general?

The word translates to 'black' in Farsi. It is deeply influenced by Islamic craft and architecture and specifically by the traditional ivory inlay work found on black sheesham wood, crafted through generations in Hoshiarpur in the Punjab. Timelessness is something that connects all of our collections.

What is the idea behind sticking to a black and white colour palette?

As designers, we find black and white are the most assertive colours. Placed at opposite ends of the spectrum, each evokes a sense of beauty and quiet confidence - much like the modern women of substance we spoke about.

What are the key pieces? How do you envision them off the runway?

The anarkali jackets and nazakat dhotis definitely! Both are a contemporary spin on traditional silhouettes, which makes them versatile enough to be worn both an occasion that calls for opulence or an elegant dinner with friends.

What's happening at the moment?

Complete chaos and madness!