Burberry Breaks The Fashion Show Norm...

You can now shop fresh off the runway. *yay*




 Christopher Bailey announced a huge change in the way Burberry would be displaying its collections on the runway, which could lead to a big wave of change tothe way fashion weeks work all over the globe.

The fashion house now plans to have only two annual shows, with amalgamated womenswear and menswear collections, the items from which will be available to purchase immediately in the store and online after the show finishes. 

"The changes we are making will allow us to build a closer connection between the experience that we create with our runway shows and the moment when people can physically explore the collections for themselves," Burberry's Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer, Christopher Bailey, told the media. "Our shows have been evolving to close this gap for some time. From live-streams, to ordering straight from the runway, to live social media campaigns, this is the latest step in a creative process that will continue to evolve." 

"I told the teams that we can't expect a customer to understand our timings because, I mean, it's silly, which is why we did runway made-to-order collections," Bailey continued. "You can't talk to a customer and say, 'We're really excited, we're going to stimulate you and inspire you, but you can't touch it or feel it for another six months.' In fashion we talk about 'a moment', and what feels right for the moment. And I've always battled with that because the moment is when you're showing it, but then you've got to kind of say is it the right moment five or six months down the line?" Bailey adds.

Can we just say we're EXCITED?!