Would You Wear A Leather Jacket Made From 'Alexander McQueen's' skin tissue

A conceptual range of leather accessories from McQ's DNA




Central Saint Martins design student Tina Gorjanc  is planning to making a range of "human leather" goods using skin grown from Alexander McQueen's DNA.

London based  designer Tina Gorjanc  sourced the late designer's DNA from his first collection, 'Jack the Ripper Stalks His Victims', the labels of which comprise of a single lock of his hair placed within a prespex and sewn on the clothes. She plans to glean the DNA from these hair into skin tissue, which will be then tan and turn into human leather. Eventually, she will fashion this leather into an already designed collection (of bags, jackets and bagpacks)– dubbed "The Pure Human" 

Gorjanc filed a patent application in May 2016, which would cover the material made from McQueen's genetic information using this particular chain of processes.