Here's What 2019 Hold for You Based on Numerology

Let the numbers unfold this mystery!

CALCULATE Your birth and life path number

For your birth number, add the digits of your birth date. For example, if your birthday falls on the 21st of any month, your birth number is 2+1=3.

For the life path number, reduce your birth date, month, and year into single digits and then add them up. For example, if you were born on 21.07.1992, then the resulting digits will be: 2+1=3, 7=7, 1+9+9+2=21=2+1=3.

So, your life path number will be 3+7+3=13=1+3=4.


Number 1

This year, focus on enjoying the simpler, more meaningful things in life. Success is coming your way—it’s a good time to get into new ventures. Financially, 2019 will be very rewarding. Some of you will decide to relocate or change careers. After April, you’ll be able to work towards starting something of your own. Waiting for Cupid to strike? Know that the universe is with you, but what’s lacking is your will to want it. Coupled up? Your boo might just go down on one knee and pop the question. 

Number 2

This year, you will find yourself more focused on your career and networking with the right people. March, April, and May are good months for career growth. This is a good year to try out new ideas to make your business grow. When it comes to love, things will be a bit stagnant. You need to approach your relationship in a slightly different way. Don’t hold back, and share what you’re going through with your SO—this will help keep minor discords at bay. Health-wise, 2018 was a bad year—a balanced diet can help prevent the health problems you faced then. Focus on letting go.

Number 3

2019 will be a turning point in your life. The period after March will bring clarity and growth—success which was due to you will finally come. Financially, too, things look promising, with fame and recognition coming your way. Some of you might also invest in a house or property. Though some family drama could bring you down, if you’re in a relationship, expect things to get serious real soon. 2019 will also bring opportunity to travel far and wide, for both work and pleasure. 

Number 4

On the work front, things are looking great. Make sure you invest your time and energy in the right direction to yield great results. Bold decisions will pay off in a big way—which means if you’ve been wanting to shift careers, now is the time. Follow your instinct and grab the offer that comes your way. In love, nurture what your loved one has to offer rather than what you can give, to strengthen your bond.

Number 5

Things will move at a slow pace this year. You’ve been emotionally bottled of late—work on letting go and processing emotions. Things that are important to you might get pushed, but if you work in partnerships, you’ll see great results. Word to the wise: don’t be too quick to judge others. This year, being diplomatic, especially at work, will help you get you that promotion. Short-term investments will be profitable, but make sure you consult a trusted mentor before a big decision. 

Number 6

Money matters might be a cause of worry, but you can turn things around with some diplomacy. Most of Number 6s will experience a change in career, with 2019 bringing more fruitful and rewarding opportunities your way. Remember, in a catch-22 situation, keep a balanced head. Sometimes, the more you resist a situation, the more it persists. Listen to your heart, and you’ll find fresh perspective and solutions. 

Number 7

This is a good year to sign new contracts. You’ll find yourself to be more impulsive and adventurous. A new offer is on the cards, but you seem to be trying to find reasons not to take it up—this could be a blessing, so don’t resist. Your lack
of confidence will make the first three
months dull, but come April, your life will change for the better. Onto relationships, old wounds seem to be healing now, allowing fresh lurve energy
to come your way. 

Number 8

Expect things to move at a fast pace. If you’ve been chasing something and it’s just not happening, don’t just sit there feeling sad! Try harder, and you will see results. If you’re a #BossBabe in a creative field, you’ll be on your toes throughout the year. Coupled up? Don’t be too possessive—it might make your SO feel trapped. Feeling bogged down emotionally? Find a friend to share your innermost feelings and offer good advice.