Your Pisces Horoscope For The Month of December 2020

Our in-house astrologer Jai Madaan tells you what's in store for your sign✨

Love & Relationship: The compatibility of married couples will be marked with jealousy as well as excessive passion but some compromises will stabilise the situation. Communication with your spouse will be fabulous after the 21st due to the positive influence of Mercury. It’s a good time for singles. You’re going to find the love of your life on your next trip, probably with a person from a different culture. The time up to the 16th is auspicious for getting into love alliances. Those in long term relationships will have to take a final decision on their commitments. More patience and effort is necessary to maintain a harmonious relationship among family members. You might be concerned about family expenditure in the month of December.

Career & Finance: Your professional life will have changes leading to growth.  Both the eclipses will cause some anxious moments. There may be important changes in the corporate structure of your present organization or other associate companies. All these will help you to improve your position in the company. Your financial position will be fairly sound. Spiritual associations will boost your money flow. You will be involved in philanthropic activities. All legal problems will be resolved in your favour. The month is also propitious for starting new projects. Go ahead and invest, it will probably yield good results.

Health & Fitness: Your health is looking up in December. The Eclipses will induce stress but you should relax as much as possible. You need not worry about any serious medical problems, minor ones can be taken care of by routine medical help. Avoid sports or any stressful  activities