Sex horoscope for the weekend—ending the month with big orgasms!

Find out what your sex life will look like, this weekend.

24 February, 2023
Sex horoscope for the weekend—ending the month with big orgasms!

February is the month of love and romance. It’s the month to go on as many dates as possible, so you can exhaust all your light jackets, catch the last cold-ish breeze and be outdoors without breaking into a sweat. As we reach the last weekend of this month, it’s time to look closely at our sex lives (this sex horoscope will give you some insight) and shake things up! 

While Aries will find a soul-level, orgasmic connection, Cancer will have crazy holiday sex. Virgo will be on a hunt, and Scorpio will fulfil their fantasies! There’s so much happening in the sex department this weekend!

Tarot reader Jigyasa Chandani lets us know what our sex lives will look like this weekend. Here’s your sex horoscope. 


This weekend, sex is going to be all about feelings and intimacy for you. If your heart is not into someone, you won’t feel attracted to them rn! You can look forward to an almost soul-level sexual connection. You’ve been hurt in the past, and this romance may heal you.  


You don’t want half-hearted quickies. You want your partner to make the night worthwhile. They may take you on a romantic date which, in all probability, will conclude with a hot sesh of coitus! If they don’t seem to have made a plan yet, you let them know what you need right now!


You'll be feeling extremely connected and secure with your boo! This is a weekend of relaxation with your partner and there’s nothing better than (a lot of) post-sex cuddling. Plan a night in, and set the mood with some candles or dim lights. Order your favourite comfort food—you will need to refuel yourself after all that hot sub-dom action! If you’re single, a love interest may ask you out and there's a chance it will rain pleasure!


You're getting out of the city this weekend only to bump into a stranger who will rock your world in bed! You may hook up with someone you find incredibly attractive, and think about the hot encounter for days to come. An old lover may want to come back into your life…and pants!  


Leo, you seem to be feeling all tingly in the presence of someone you look up to—a senior at work or a wise friend. An office romance may be on the cards, but you need to exercise caution so you can have great sex without any complications!


Impromptu quickies, hot and heavy make-out sesh, or a quick hook-up with a dating app match may make your weekend one to remember. You are on a hunt, Virgo; and you may have to go through several contenders to find a winner.


An ex-lover or friend may reconnect with you, making you feel nostalgic…and horny. They bring not just sexual but also emotional availability; they care for you still. Irrespective of where this goes, you will have a great time in bed with multiple Os!


You're confused between two potential partners and are hesitating to choose. Well, maybe you can try out both. Many people crushing on you, and it’s up to you to settle down or explore. While exploring, you may end up trying things you always fantasised about, say a threesome.


You're running away from a person who is actually crazy about you. Not that you don't like them; you want to get down and dirty with them! You may have some reservations, but you two have a really strong connection. You can expect some flirty dirty texts from them this weekend.


This weekend, you may find someone while travelling. They can be mysterious but will know how to pleasure you and hit all the right chords! Put your guard down and welcome new 'sexperiences' in life! 


A long-distance lover is coming to surprise you and oh boy, they are going to amaze you in ways that you can't even imagine. You can expect a weekend full of sexy surprises, a series of orgasms and an impromptu weekend getaway. 


You want to have the ‘where is this going’ conversation with your romantic interest but fear you won’t like the answer. The sex is going to be great and will make you forget your worries about the future of this situationship, for a weekend, at least.