Your Daily Horoscope For Wednesday July 10th

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Astro: With Moon in Libra today, use this day to your advantage to make your relationships work. You’ll be in the mood to pamper bae with love and affection. A light-hearted conversation will keep things easy for you. Also take a little time out now to make amends or clear out any controversies at home.

Tarot: You might feel lonely, and can go through mood swings that can make you lose focus. Try not to be disappointed by the outside world. Concentrate on what’s important—a fresh, new idea can take you places. By the middle of the week, you’ll have more clarity of thoughts and actions. If you’ve been holding a grudge against someone, it’s time to let go. A kind-hearted male figure will give you the warmth you’ve been looking for.


Astro: A sudden change of equations in relationships is imminent. Avoid being churlish at work; you’ll realise you can handle communication well, in a very graceful yet assertive way. It might feel like your efforts are getting wasted, but that shouldn’t mean you stop trying!

Tarot: The first half of the day can bring some challenges and anxiety for some of you. A change of place, a short travel, or even just a drive will do you a lot of good. The silver lining is that bae will be there for you throughout! If you’ve been working on an idea, a plan, or something you wanted to do on your own—go ahead!


Astro: Today is the day to make the right choices and to explore options outside your comfort zone. It is also a good time to finally gear up and get things going on the financial front—a wise investment can reap great returns later. Also, if you’ve been trying to put a point across to a loved one, try again—today will be the right day.

Tarot: You need to watch your back today! Do not trust easily or you’ll be betrayed. Also, be careful of any health issues, and drive carefully. If you’ve made a decision you’re not certain of, it’s time to trust your instincts and stick to it. Be careful of any slip of the tongue—it can land you in the soup. There can also be a tiff at work or with people around you—just try to avoid it completely.


Astro: Spending time with family will fix a lot of things for you. Your focus today will be on your relationships, especially with family and loved ones. Try not to get riled up on petty issues—stay calm, practice meditation or work on revamping a corner at home. It’s a great time to make career choices.

Tarot: With two Major Cards, the day is full of big decisions and partnerships, and even love and lust. An amazing time with bae is in the offing. You will be able to steer things that have been out of control in your direction. It’s time to call the shots. There will be brilliant proposals, both romantic and professional, coming your way. For those of you who’ve been waiting for your turn to come, today is the day!


Astro: You’d want to spoil your loved ones with a holiday or an expensive gift. You’d also be doting and caring towards them. If something has been stressing you lately, it’ll be best to take a break from it for now. With Mercury Retrograde, be extra careful with details of everything that you’re working on.

Tarot: The first half of the day may be full of reasons to get annoyed and even get into tiffs. However, if you clear the air and avoid any misunderstandings, things will be better. It’s a good time to give your house a little personal touch; in fact, shopping for stuff for home will even pep you up. Be prepared to have a few visitors over. The evening will bring lots of happiness.


Astro: This is the perfect day to make money! So get a POA in place and start working on it today. If you focus in the right direction, things are likely to take shape the way you want them to. However, with Mercury Retrograde in your house of gains, avoid anything that doesn’t seem to be working in your best interest. If anything has been getting delayed, make some time to sort it out today.

Tarot: You might begin the day with some soul searching. The answers you are looking for are within you. Support from a male figure will help you a great deal, both emotionally and professionally. Time spent with family will be a bonus today. If you’ve been waiting for a career change to happen, now is the right time to work towards it.


Astro: With Moon in your zodiac, your focus on career and work is back on track! If you’ve been looking for a job, you may have to wait for another few days before any progress happens on that front. An overseas travel is just around the corner for some. It’s best to avoid being sassy or caustic with people around you.

Tarot: A raise in money or a promotion in career is in the offing. Some of you will be at your most perfect today, but you’ll need to watch out for random mood swings. Some may want to simply walk away from a situation that’s not keeping you happy. Avoid getting into squabbles—a tiff will only bring you down today.


Astro: With Moon in your house of travels, be ready to get your tickets booked any time now! Unnecessary mood swings can also lower your productivity at work, but by now, you know how to handle them and should be able to keep them in control. Spend some time relaxing—maybe a dip in the pool—to take your mind off stuff that’s been bothering you. Be the hustler you are!

Tarot: You will be able to finish chores with ease today—this is the day of completion, so make the most of it! If you’re looking for some support on the monetary front, you may feel let down. Some of you will start a new chapter in life and will slay it!


Astro: A delightful gift or inheritance awaits you. This is also the day to double your hustle—keep your goals in mind and work hard towards them. Your expenses are soaring—you may want to keep a check on them. Be careful of any communication that needs to be sent out from your end.

Tarot: Good news is in the offing; a surprise from your boss or a male figure in your life will make your day. Do check your email—an offer you’ve been waiting for is about to come. If you’ve been wishing for an upgrade in life, be ready—you can level up in many aspects of life today. You will meet new people and have a super-happy day.


Astro: For those who’ve been single, there is love in the offing, especially at work! There will be an angel-like person lending support when it comes to work. Avoid any confrontations or you may land in a tricky situation. If you work in the right direction, your work will be appreciated in no time.

Tarot: You are likely to start the day with a little soul searching. Your health has been a matter of concern lately. You’ve also been intuitive in dealing with things—your gut is guiding you well so far. However, when it comes to taking any big decisions, it’s best to stall them for a while. A pleasing offer from a man is in the offing. The evening promises to be delightful!


Astro: Lady Luck is in your favour today—this is the day to slay! You’ve been on a shopping spree lately, and will probably feel the pinch now. But as long as you can get back on track, work hard, and recover the lost/spent money, you’re okay. Get your focus back, and you will be able to sail through. However, be careful when driving.

Tarot: An issue related to money will be on top of your mind today. If you’ve been asking for monetary help or a loan, you may find things not going according to plan. If you’ve loaned money, getting it back will be a challenge, too. A hidden clause may come to light today and you can feel cheated—but being the hustler that you are, you’ll be able to handle things with grace.


Astro: You’re likely to be pampered today by a female figure. And you may want to revisit your finances! There can also be a sudden dip in your mood, and you may feel disinterested in continuing a relationship. But keep in mind—this is only momentary! Avoid any water sports, and keep yourself well hydrated. Yoga and meditation will help you through this mid-week crisis.

Tarot: You can feel a jolt in your career today. You’ve been working hard to get things going but everything seems to fall flat right at the last moment. This can bum you out, and set you back. But take it as an opportunity to learn from and reconstruct your career. To make the most of today, keep yourself busy with good people, thoughts, and ideas.

Predictions by Shruti Dwivedi Email: shrutydivedi@gmail.com Instagram: ://ShrutiDwivediOfficial