You Daily Horoscope for Saturday 17th August

Our in-house astrologer tells you whats in store for your sign✨


Astrology: With the Sun, Mars and Venus in your House of Family, it seems like a beautiful day to bond with your partner. This will be a start to a super-romantic weekend. With Mars directly in the moon, there are chances of receiving gifts from home.

Tarot: It is crucial for you to pay attention to detail. Avoid misunderstandings and miscommunications as they will make you feel lost. This is the perfect start for a romantic weekend.



Astrology: As Venus is back with the Sun and the moon, avoid getting disheartened over small issues. Your energy levels will be high and you will have a great time at home. Your focus will be your family. Make sure all the electrical appliances at home are in check- there could be a probability of an accident.


This is the day when you need to keep a track of your relationship even if that means taking a step back and understanding things. You might want to unwind and set the tempo of the weekend on a very relaxing note.



Astrology: With Mercury in Cancer and Venus in your House of Friendships along with Mars and Sun, today is the day when you will have a great relationship coming all of a sudden with a colleague or even bond better with your partner. Make sure your finances are well taken care of.

Tarot: There will be a change in your current financial situation. You need to plan and spend judicially. Be prudent with your investments. A love affair might take you by surprise.




With the moon in your House of Wisdom and Ancestral Gains, you will tend to take an advice by an important female figure in your life. You might feel mood swings coming in the way of your mental peace. Spend some time meditating or practicing yoga.

Tarot: Be prudent when it comes to confrontations or a little heated argument can make you feel losing out on people you love. You have to let things that are not good for your mental peace go. You need to be extremely diplomatic on the work front.



Astrology: With three planets in your natal Zodiac- the Sun, Mars and Venus and the moon in your House of Love, a lot of romance seems to be in the offing. You will also be the center of attention. Count your blessings and enjoy all the love you get today.

Tarot: You energy levels seem to be on the high today. Either you will feel super romantic or will get annoyed on petty things. Your day will revolve around pampering yourself.




With Mercury in your House of Gains, and the Sun, Mars and Venus in your House of Bed Comforts, today seems like a good day to spend some great, quality time with your partner. However, if you plan to travel or even go for a drive, be careful- probability of an accident is indicated.

Tarot: Today seems like a great day to have an open conversation with your partner. Be careful of any losses and avoid making investments or taking risks.



Astrology: With the Sun, Mars and Venus in Leo, today is the day when you will focus on making the most out of any situation. Today will be a win- win day no matter what. You should maximise your efforts to get all you have been waiting for.

Tarot: Your mellow mood will help you sail through beautifully today. Your attention towards your family will be more. You will want to spend a good time both at work and family front- especially with a child.



Astrology: With Mars and Venus along with the Sun in your House of Profession, it is that time of the year where you need to be ready to have additional responsibilities at work. You will be more headstrong and will love to take charge. You need to remain calm on the home front.

Tarot: Take out time for some self-care. It is okay to have a lazy day of pampering yourself. Make the most out of today by setting your priorities right.



Astrology: With the Sun, Mars and Venus in your House of Fortune, you might consider investing in a new car. Avoid getting into a squabble with the new friends you meet. You confidence will ooze out in anything you deal with today.

Tarot: Learning something from a parent will help you remain motivated. You will have high levels of energy and will mostly be the centre of attention today. Take care of your finances. A short travel seems to around the corner.



Astrology: With the Moon in your House of Communication, today seems like a great day to have a heart to heart conversation with your partner. However, with the Sun, Mars and Venus directly in the moon, be careful in communicating important matters.

Tarot: There is a chance of getting a lottery ticket- something that could be an unusual gain, or even a gain in property that you have least expected! However, try to keep your mood swings in place or a verbal spat will make you feel low.



Astrology: With the Moon in your natal Zodiac, Aquarians, you will tend to be extra sensitive today. Avoid being difficult when it comes to relationships, though a new romance is around the corner. You will feel super happy when it comes to managing partnerships- even relationships.

Tarot: You are ready to take additional responsibility- even when it means you may not be in the exact position of power. Whether be it family or friends, you will emerge as a strong leader. This is the day when you need to strike a balance in life.



Astrology: With the Moon in your House of Travels, a short trip is around the corner. You might feel a little off the way or even go through a mood swing. Be ready to take care of your health and make necessary lifestyle changes. Banking issues, credit cards or loans will be resolved!

Tarot: Keep a tab on your expenses and avoid overspending. The Six of Wands will take you places and it will be highly beneficial for you. Make the most out of every opportunity and make sure to have a plan of action in place.



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