5 zodiac signs that are the best at oral sex

Getting down and dirty is an art only a handful of Zodiac signs have naturally mastered.

26 April, 2024
5 zodiac signs that are the best at oral sex

If you’ve been with someone for some time, your sex life is a tried-and-tested, well-oiled machine. You’ll have different set of routines that you’ll pick from depending on the mood, and every round, more or less, goes the same way. It starts with a heavy make-out session and leads into various avenues before you come to the point. IYKYK. And despite what they say about wild sex and spontaneity going hand in hand, there is something extremely comforting about knowing your partner’s every move and the desired result (read: nasty orgasm) that it will lead to. 

However, this perfected routine is not the only factor in both (or more, if that’s what you’re into) parties to climax. A person’s abilities, especially at foreplay and oral sex, are basically written in the sky. Not literally, of course! But a person’s Zodiac sign does play a role in their oral abilities. We’ve made a list of all the signs that are the best at getting down and dirty. Is your partner’s sign on the list here? 


By their very nature, Libras are people pleasers. They will go out of their way to ensure their partners have a mind-blowing *eyebrows wiggling* time. They are also great communicators and listeners. So, once you tell them how you like it, they will remember it and make sure they drive you over the edge into an orgasmic state of being.  



Being a cardinal fire sign, Aries have no problem taking control and rocking their partner's world with toe-curling oral sex. They love to dominate and don’t know what ‘taking things slow’ means. They aren’t the ones to play games or send mixed messages. They know how to get their partners to their climax and aren’t shy about it. If your partner is an Aries, just lie back and enjoy and revel in the show! 


The twins have one of the best communication skills in all the Zodiac signs. This means they will listen to what you like and follow your directions to transport you into a world of pleasure. They like to switch things up and love adding elements of surprise. This means they will always be finding new ways to perform oral that will leave you moaning at the top of your lungs!  



If we’re talking about kinky Zodiac signs, there is no way you can leave out Scorpions. They are dramatic, intense, and freaky. Despite being a water sign, they bring the fire and heat into the bedroom. Rest assured, if a Scorpio is going down on you, it’s going to end in numerous orgasms because they aren’t going to just stop after one. 


People born under the Cancer sign put love and emotions over everything else. Once they’ve bonded with someone and developed a deep connection with them, their naughty and kinky side starts to peak out. And it's the fact that they wait until they vibe with someone to go down on them is what makes them great at oral!