7 Reasons It's Badass to Be Single on Valentine's Day

YASSSS Girl!!!




YOU ARE AWESOME! Yes, YOU!  Especially for being single on Valentine's Day (which btw, isn't even a real holiday)! Don't believe me? Let me show you why you are so badass for being single today!

1) Your money stays in your pocket

Because you don't have to buy gifts for anyone! #ballinnnn 

2) You don't have to pretend to like the overpriced food

What's better than cheap, greasy chinese food?

3) You don't have to deal with anyone's drama

I mean, there's enough of that on Netflix!  

4) You don't have to wear spanx to fit into that really, really tight dress.


5) You get the wine ALL-TO-YOURSELF!

Drink out the of bottle? Why not?!

6) You don't have to share the bed

​Comfortable AF

7) And because you secretly know that you are perfectly fine with just being single. 


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