6 Signs You Are Literally Addicted to Instagram





Who doesn't love Instagram?! I mean how AMAZING is it that you can share your latest selfie with the lipstick you JUST bought with family, friends, and a handful of strangers (depending on your settings). While a lot of us aren't bothered with fancy filters or trending hashtags, others are literally living for Insta. Are you one of them? Let's find out...

1) Editing your photos takes you at least half an hour

Choosing between Amaro or Mayfair or Sierra is literally the biggest decision of your day.

2) You refresh your phone constantly to check on your 'likes'

"OMG!! Why haven't I reached 11 likes yet?!" #dying


#sorrynotsorry #justsayin

4) You buy things just for Insta pics

..doesn't everyone?

5) You take 100 selfies before that PERFECT one! 

...and somehow you are still not happy with that one.

6) You wake up and instantly check Insta

"Where's my phone?! I need my phone!!" *opens Insta* "Whoa, that was close!"

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