5 Reasons NOT to Quit Your Job

…without having another one!




A lot of people find themselves so miserable at their jobs that they consider quitting before having another position lined up! However, most people will agree that it is crucial not to quit your current job before finding another one.  Here are some important reasons why.

1) Finding a new job is not easy. Finding a job that you absolutely love in a reputable company is can be difficult and time consuming. If you are unhappy at your current position but like your employer, first try to move around within the organisation instead of leaving completely. 

2) You could be putting yourself financially at risk. This one is obvious, but quitting your job means a stop to your cash flow. Even if you have savings in the bank, you can be putting yourself and your family at financial risk for an undetermined amount of time.

3) It could look bad on your resume. Employers typically hire individuals who are currently employed because it shows them commitment. A break on your resume can be a red flag to potential new employers and could also work against you in a job interview as it could lead to awkward questions from your potential new employer. 

4) Negotiating your salary with your next employer can be harder. It can be more difficult for you to ask for more money from your new employer, if they know you are not currently employed, as they may feel you will accept any offer. 

5) The grass may not be greener on the other side. A new job may not be as amazing as you imagined. In fact, you may be faced with similar issues in your new position, that you had in your previous one. It's important to weigh out all the pros and cons, then decide if another position is truly what you need or if you can find a way to make your current job work!