11 Daily Struggles That Only Short Girls Will Understand

"OMG, You are SOOO cute!!!!"




1) You are the 'leaner'.
Somehow other people's arms always end up on your shoulders...or your head...

2) Reaching for anything requires climbing or a step stool.
The struggle is real.

3) "OMG, you are SOOOO cute!"
You hear this way too often. 

4) ​Your feet hate you.
...because you literally live in heels.

5) You often get asked if you shop in the children's section. 
One word: NO! 

6) Driving can be a struggle.
...because your feet barely reach the gas pedal. 

7) Getting a drink at the bar is a mission.
...because the bartender is convinced that you are 12. 

8) You have to walk extra fast to keep up with your friends. 
Can't even bother with the gym all your exercise is done just keeping up with your pals! 

9) Hugging people is no fun.
Getting your face smushed in other people's chest?! UGH! 

10) Gaining weight just...sucks.
2 kilos literally look like 10.

11) Finding clothes that actually fit properly is not easy.