15 Signs Your Brother is Your Best Friend

#4 is almost like a religion for the two of you.

We all have that brother from another mother that we love, but sometimes, it is our real life brothers that can be the best friend we need in our lives. From always understanding us and our needs to looking out for us in a way no one else can.

Here are some of the reasons our bro's are the best friends we have in the whole wide world !

1.He is the only one you can make fun of your family with . No one else can get away with it, but your brother will have you in splits.

2.His insults only make you feel special and loved.

3. You fight over only the most trivial stuff, like who gets the last slice of cake.

4.You have about 600 inside jokes, favourite TV show quotes and one liners that only the two of you can understand .

5.He will be the first one to support all your questionable decisions and give you his vote of confidence.

6.He will be brutally honest about your fashion, music and life choices.

7. He will quiz your new love interest more thoroughly then the CBI.

8. You both keep each other's secrets from your parents , no questions asked.

9.He's the best person you can go to a party with , do you own thing and know that he's always around.

10. Anybody who messes with you gets to answer to him.

11. You share a secret sign language only the two of you understand.

12. He will make fun of you , but kill anyone else who makes you sad.

13. He is always super duper proud of all your achievements.

14. He's the first one to like all your stuff on social media, even the picture of the uneven bowl you made in pottery class.

15. You are each other's call in case of emergency number.