Heading to a Girls' Night Out When You're On a Diet? Here's What You CAN Drink Guilt-free!

Finally a weight loss plan that involves hitting the bar! Yuss!

We've gotta confess that mid-week blues are real AF and it has got us dreaming of Friday already. 


All those late night bar hopping and drinking plans do however put our fitness goals in peril, given the widely known theory that the happy juice aka alcohol racks up a ton of calories. 

At least until now.


That's right, consider us your knight with a shining shot glass, because boy do we have good news for you.

Hold on to your sombreros people, a new study by the American Chemical Society has found a link between tequila and weight loss. For real!


This is great news for lovers of the spirit and anyone who loves a tipple the same as us.

Apparently, sugar found in Agave (the plant from which Tequila is made) can actually help lower your blood sugar. The sugar naturally found in this plant are naturally non-digestible, and won't be consumed by the body. A study done on mice actually revealed that those who consumed Agavins their stomachs full for longer and produced insulin, leading to weight loss.



Having said this, it probably is not a good idea to start consuming sugary tequila cocktails or jugs full of margaritas, but some Tequila on the rocks might just be the best drink to have if you have plans to hit the bar and wake up looking fab the next day.

tequila shots

Body shots, anyone?