CosmoXMia: Mia Celebrates the #MeInAction Moments

Cheers to all the multifaceted women who aren't afraid of chasing and achieving their goals

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”


Diane Mariechild echoed the thoughts of the universe with her wise words when she tried to define the potential of a woman. Today's woman is always on the go ‘cos she is determined to turn the tide in her favour, one step at a time. Her burning desire to make her dreams come true while living life to the fullest is what keeps her going. Be it work or play, she'll keep pushing the boundaries and carving her own space, at her own terms. She'll nail the meeting at work during daytime and be the life of a party in the evening. Like we said, her #MeInAction moments aren’t restricted to any particular part of her life. It’s a reflection of her winning thoughts and actions.  

We asked our readers to share their #MeInAction moments with us, and their replies were like a gush of inspiration.

We chose three participants who bowled us over with their 'me in action' moments and earned the chance to be models for Cosmo. Here's what these fabulous ladies had to say about their #MeInAction moments :





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