This Badass Iranian Woman Photographed a Football Match as a Slap In The Face of Patriarchy

She wins the internet forever. 

The era of women is here. On a daily basis, there are women who're challenging the status quo — aka the patriarchy — and demanding, and achieving, equality like badasses. All over the world, oppressed women are reclaiming their voices, especially in those countries where women are seen and treated as sub-humans. Countries in the middle east, like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, are even known to have totalitarian rules, disallowing women to enjoy basic activities like driving, going to the movies, or even dancing. 

But over the past few years, these rules have eased up and women are attaining more liberties. Recently, as Iran took part in the World Cup, it finally allowed women to enter a sports stadium to watch Iran's match. This was, obviously, a momentous occasion for Iranian women and all women who are similarly suppressed. However, this rule did not change another, closely related one — that female journalists are not allowed to cover sporting events. 


This particular rule was challenged in the most epic way recently, by one Parisa Pourtaherian. A photojournalist, Parisa was banned from entering Vatani Stadium in Qaemshahr that was hosting a national football match, just because she was a woman. Undeterred, Parisa found a nearby building, with a view into the stadium, and perched herself on its roof. And the result? Some rather kickass photos and a whole lot of praise from all over the world. 

Parisa 2


Parisa 3



Now, that's how you show the patriarchy, who's the boss! We need more Parisas in this world, don't you think?