Your Phone Obsession and 9 Other Things You Should Get Closure On In 2018.

Get rid of all that's holding you back and get ready to welcome 2019 with a bang.

Let's face it, 2018 was a roller coster ride! While many people feel that the year went by in a flash, there were so many things that happened. Some good (Bollywood weddings galore), some bad (think people eating Tide Pods) and some just random AF. (Kiki challenge, anyone?)

Just like any relationship that has lasted a year, we can all find reasons to laugh, cry and say WTF was that as we look back on 2018. But, with 2019 around the corner, it's time to be out with the old and bring in the new, mainly when it comes to making positive changes to your life. Here's a list of things we all need to SMH and let go off in 2018, so that we can end the year on a high note and bring in 2019 like the winners we all are.

1. Sexism:


Feminism is here to stay, and 2018 only proved that point. It's time to get rid of any prejudices related to gender roles and kick some patriarchy butt in 2019. With movements such as #meetoo getting bigger and bigger, we feel that 2019 will be a time of huge positive change.

2. Waking up post noon: It may be fun to press snooze, but the world's most successful people start their day early. It gives you a lot more time to exercise, meditate, and eat a healthy breakfast before you start your workday, so dial back your alarm in 2019 and get to bed on time to get the max out of life next year.

3. Judging, b**ching, and trolling people:


They say you become what you think, so 2019 is a good time to start living life with a more positive approach. Live and let live, don't waste time putting people down and refrain from venting your frustration on social media. FYI, your negative comment on a celebrity post says more about you than them, they are too busy being happy and successful. While our opinion is important, we must always stop to think what we are basing it on before we go around expressing it to the world at large.

4. Your phone obsession:


This one is self explanatory. Stop stalking people on Instagram and wasting your time watching 10 different recipes for zoodles. Life is passing you by, and you will develop neck pain!

5. Trying to impress everyone: We want to share a little secret, you can't! Just be happy, stay true to yourself and forget about what other people think. Putting three filters on your picture or showing off about your trip to Phuket is not going to give you the validation you need.

6. Toxic relationships and friendships:


If it's not working, adding to your life or making you happy, don't force it. While all relationships require effort, it's sometimes in our best interest to just walk away when from the ones that are cause too much drama, negativity or pain.

7. Being non-committal :


This applies to our plans, work, people, relationships. FOMO can cause us to keep sitting on the fence, complicating our lives for no reason. Decide what you want to do and make the most of it.

8That job you hate: Life is too short to do work at a job that makes you unhappy. Don't do anything rash, but start planning how to move towards your dream job in 2019, even if it means gearing up for big changes.

9. Spending money on useless things: Trust us, you don't need that new shade of lipstick that looks exactly like the 100 you already own, it's just going to clutter up your dresser. Same goes for anything that harms the environment, and unnecessary purchases that come with tons of toxic packaging. It's time to become mindful about what we spend our money on, especially if we want to save our planet.

10. Complaining and all forms of negative energy:


Try using gratitude instead of complaint to transform all negative situations in your life. It really works, plus you will end up being happier.