Shocking Video of Pangolins Being Killed in Assam Throws Light On Illegal Pangolin Poaching

Trigger warning: animal cruelty. 

The abysmal state of wildlife in our country is truly horrifying. To add to the disappearing tigers, lions, and more, there is new evidence that shows the torturous treatment of pangolins in Assam. 


World Animal Protection (WAP) and WildCRU have been researching the forest areas of Assam, where they have uncovered the gruesome practice of killing pangolins, who are essentially small, harmless cousins of anteaters, for their scales and body parts. Their research shows that villagers kill them by the scores, by smoking them out of their natural habitats, then beating them senseless, and then boiling them to death. 

Pangolins 2

This inhumane process is a means to an end — the end being the sale of their body parts on the black markets in India and China, and other southeast Asian countries. The two institutes conducted the study for over two years, and have interviewed close to 140 villagers about this practice. They even went undercover and recorded footage of the cruel hunting and killing of these defenceless animals, and have released it online.

Viewer’s discretion is advised. 


WAP and WildCRU are currently working hard to raise awareness about this, as it is still not being given the attention it deserves. They are working with government officials as well as at grassroot levels, to educate the people about the dangers of poaching animals and the need to protect them. Hopefully, with their efforts and our support, we can make sure that this poor animal is not added to the list of extinct animals. 

(All images courtesy WAP and WildCRU)

H/T: The Logical Indian